About Ella Graff

Hi everyone, I’m Ella. I was born in Jamestown, New York, a small town south of Buffalo, NY. I moved to Buffalo in 1988. My first job at the age of sixteen was in a supermarket where my accounting love started. I currently work for a financial advisor in Buffalo. I have three children, 2 daughters and a son. My oldest has three children and my son has one. My youngest still lives at home with me. 

In 2012, I found myself a divorced single mother of an eight-year-old daughter, wondering what to do to be successful on my own. In 2016 I started dreaming of book ideas and it just went from there. My first book Origins of Rage was published in June 2023 after five years of working with an editor.  

This book has death, abuse, love, comedy, spice, family, friendship, and so many emotions.

I cried hard at parts so hard…

I laughed… I smiled… I appreciated.

Easy 1k stars for me!

De Anna - on Goodreads

This book kept me interested from the very beginning to the end which doesn’t happen very often. Once I started it was hard to put down. Many twists and turns in the plot that keeps you on the edge. A mix of mystery, romance and suspense. I would definitely recommend this book. Can’t wait for her next book.
Mindy Moore - on Goodreads

This metaphysical crime novel/love story is ambitiously told by first-time author Ella Graff with plenty of interesting components to keep the reader turning pages. It’s about an artist who sees murders in her dreams and then paints what she has seen to help solve crimes, a concept fleshed out with creepy killings and a love story to give texture and grit to the pictures that came alive in my head as I ventured forth into the author’s imagination. The book became even more interesting when I read that the idea for it came to the author in a dream!

Michele DeLuca

This is such a good book and the author’s debut novel to boot. Mel has dreams. Her dreams are of murders that are about to happen. She goes to the police and she discovers the Sheriff is an old friend. The story twists and turns from there. There is some paranormal events and some spice too but this thriller uncovers family secrets that you won’t see coming. This was so much fun to read.

MikeLikesBooks - on Goodreads

This book was amazing!!! I could not put it down, it had all of the things; suspenseful, edge of seat, jaw dropping, book throwing, tear jerking, romance, and spice! Found family, loss, happiness. I just loved every minute of it!! It was just so beautifully written. I can not wait to read more from this author. This book follows the story of Melanie Morris who dreams of murders and uses her gift of painting to help solve the murders. With trauma from her past she embarks on a journey to find the murder in her recents dreams along side the sheriff of arrow springs (Brody) and boy oh boy do things take a turn. I hope you all give this book a chance and love it just as much as I did!

MikeLikesBooks - on Goodreads

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