“She decides to see if she can channel her wrath to push against the fire. Every memory she has increases her rage. A torrential storm thrums inside her. Feeling strange, she glances around and sees her own unearthly form. She’s somehow become a visible apparition. But she has no time to ponder it. She is floating on a field of fury.

A gale of bitterness flows through her – resentment she thought she had long ago released. She sets it free, aiming every bit of the force toward the flames and heat.”

“Intriguing Thriller”

“Origins of Rage is an intriguing thriller that will draw you in from the start! The author strategically introduces the characters and weaves them into the mystery. This riveting novel is full of surprises, suspense and romance. The plot takes many twists and turns and you won’t be able to put down until the shocking end.”


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